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Date at Club: 11/30/2012 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Could Improve
Overall Rating: Rated: 6 stars by sassylucie Mileage Expected: No Comment Booking Delay: None
Dancer Quality: 5-6 Customers: Mixed
Fees: No Comment Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: Average
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
I have been there recently. Some old regulars dancers told me the club and clients used to be better. Most of clients are locals, from Montreal and very few from US. There was only 2 white dancers and 6 black dancers including me (I am black). The white dancers were not in demand unfortunately as this club is known to hire a lot of black dancers. Most of the black dancers do well at bar Diane. I did ok compare to other. They have rooms upstair where dancers from out of town can sleep. It is safe. Most of the black dancers sleep upstair as they live in Montreal. I live in NY so I slept upstair too. Not the kind of place I would always work, but it is ok once in a while. Black dancers makes good money from what I have seen and heard.
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Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: 10 Management: Great
Overall Rating: Rated: 10 stars by Unregistered Mileage Expected: Serious Mileage Booking Delay: None
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: Travelers
Fees: Low Dances per Customer: 5+ Selling dances: Easy
Hiring Tips: all you want
Additional Information
this is the best club to be across the border of canada and clod=ser from new york state.go there you will have the beast time off your life
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