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Post Terrible Club: Please beware of working here Review
Date at Club: 01/01/2012 Customers per Dancer: 1 Management: Horrible
Overall Rating: Rated: 2 stars by KittanaKLuvv Mileage Expected: Medium Contact Booking Delay: No Comment
Dancer Quality: 5-6 Customers: Locals
Fees: High Dances per Customer: 2-3 Selling dances: You have to hustle
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
I've worked at clubs all over the United States and I worked for the owners of these clubs for over 5 years now (just stopped last week). The club for starters is incredibly run down, not as much as their sister club across the street: Silver Dollar but the bathrooms overflow with sewage regularly and they make the dancers pay for this when it happens. They take the usual 5-10 out of each dance but tipout for DJ is mandatory $10 or 10% of what you make and you are forced to sell ladies drinks which are watered down soda or energy drinks with fake "ladies" vodka which is just water in a Grey Goose bottle. The management will kiss your ass for the first week or two in order to try to sleep with you or take advantage of you, once they use you up...they are done with you. Additionally you are required to work 5 nights a week and you are not free to leave until the end of the night which on Friday and Saturday means you will work until 4am then stay for a mandatory "meeting" which consists of being yelled at by the owners wife and then doing payout. Usually you will not get out of the door until 5:15am. Sure, if you're willing to put up with all of this garbage there is money to be made but if you have the option NOT to work here, I would strongly advise to work somewhere else where management respects you and the fact that they wouldn't have a club without DANCERS. Will post this for Silver Dollar as well (they are owned and operated by the same 2 people-that go by TC and V. *I will confess that I post this after 5 years of loyal employment* There was a shooting inside and outside of the establishment; gunman opened fire through the back door and grazed a dancer and the 2 owner/operators acted inconvenienced that they had to come in and talk to police; didn't ask any of us if we were okay and expected all of us to come to work like nothing happened the next day with bullet holes in the mirrors and stage. Beware girls *I gave this club a lower rating because it is a MUCH worse shithole than Platinum Cabaret-literally falling apart and the bathroom door doesn't shut, there is one stall completely open to the hallway and the bathroom is shared with customers. Toilets regularly overflow here, fines are abundant and THIS is the club where the shooting occurred*
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Post RE: Regina's House of Doll's Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: No Comment
Overall Rating: Not rated by Lady Mileage Expected: Air Dances Booking Delay: None
Dancer Quality: No Comment Customers: No Comment
Fees: Average Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: Nearly impossible
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
Please read the review about Platinum in Fayetville. It is exactly the same, often the same faces. This club is a little bigger and a bit slower. Not as much money for me. Same rules strictly enforced .. no touching!!! Beer is cheap. Liquer is cheap. Small club, good fun.
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