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Date at Club: 10/15/2009 Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 3-5 min.
Overall Rating: Not rated by threlayer Dancer's Personallity: 9-10 Club Quality: Average
Mileage: Light Contact
Additional Information
(not sure of exact day but who cares) Was there only for a short time (30-45 mins) during a long trip, a nice rest stop. Free soft drinks (I was driving, remember). Stage downstairs with couch and rooms upstairs for dances; roomy place for the crowd at hand. It wasn't very busy, so I had a nice conversation with the only gal that approached me. Had a couch dance with her that was mostly non-contact and non-nude. Nothing else offered. Nice looking gal with _tremendous_ natural E-sized boobs. Not allowed to touch them during a couch dance, apparently. Quite a tease, but I could have spent hours with her and especially with those boobs. But I had to move on....

I loved going to strip clubs; I actually made some friends there. Now things are different for the clubs and for me. As a result I am not as happy.

Customers are not entitled to grope, disrespect, or rob strippers. This is their job, not their hobby, and they all need income. Clubs are not just some erotic show for guys to view while drinking.

NOTE: anything I post here, outside of a direct quote, is my opinion only, which I am entitled to. Take it for what you estimate it is worth.
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Date at Club: 09/25/2003 Dancer's Looks: 1-2 Song Length: 3-5 min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 1 stars by Unregistered Dancer's Personallity: 5-6 Club Quality: Horrible
Mileage: Serious Mileage
Additional Information
Hey Ladies , it is tax Season, Please make sure you file your taxes. It is illegal to work at a club and not receive a 1099Misc form. I worked at Excalibur from 2003 to early 2005, on and off. My employer is Ohio provided me a 1099 even though i worked there for a few weeks. Mel never gave me one for 2003 or 2004. I strongly recommend you girls to ask Mel for yours, He should have provided it for you by the 31st of January. He told me Hand R provides the 1099Misc. forms, that’s not true, your employer or payer is supposed to. I have contacted a few girls that do not work there anymore to call the IRS to complain because you the entertainers could get in trouble for not filing taxes. As entertainers, we do not get money back, but you can write off most of your expenses if you have receipts. If you feel you might lose your job or get negativity from management, talk to the IRS telling them not to involve your name. I made a lot of money for Mel, so its only fair he gives the government their cut. Apparently he is not, that is why he does not give us 1099Misc forms.
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