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Post RE: Mitchell Brother's O'Farrel Theater Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: 02/10/2007 Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 1-3 min.
Overall Rating: Not rated by Miss Jessica Dancer's Personallity: 5-6 Club Quality: Average
Mileage: Serious Mileage
Additional Information
Have to say, I had alot of fun playing custy here. Some friends and I stopped in to take a peek. They have many different shows going on at once, and they get pretty risque to say the least. Most of the ladies were beautiful, and most were very charming as well. Not a club I'd probably be comfortable working in (serious mileage compared to what I'm used to) but alot of fun nontheless.

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Default RE: Mitchell Brother's O'Farrel Theater Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: 07/31/2006 Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 3-5 min.
Overall Rating: Not rated by xoxoGracexoxo Dancer's Personallity: 9-10 Club Quality: Average
Mileage: Serious Mileage
Additional Information
I went here with my boyfriend while we were visiting SF. I was interested to see the place, as it has a long and storied history. The Mitchell Brothers opened the place in the 60s as a blue theater where they screened the films they produced. They are the brains and bucks that made [I]Behind the Green Door[/I]. Legend has it that lapdances were invented here. It was also the site of a big class-action lawsuit of dancers against management in the 90s, which Lily Burana writes about in Strip City. We went in the late afternoon, and it seemed like things were still getting warmed up, although there were quite a few customers there. The only action was on the main stage, where dancers were doing standard three-song sets. The dancers were quite attractive and friendly, a little older than most -- maybe in the 30-40 range. It is a full nude club, and accordingly no alcohol is served. There is a little counter where you can get sodas or juice, though. The dancer we spent the most time with was very sweet and gave us a tour of the place. VIP rooms with couches cost $120 for 10 minutes, tiny rooms just big enough for a bed and a bureau stocked with condoms cost $200 for 20 minutes. Our dancer was vague on the specifics of what goes on in the rented rooms, but most of it would probably qualify as "extras" in most clubs. (There is a dish of condoms on the desk at the front of the club, with a sign that says "Please take one.") Besides the main stage, there is a Cinema Room screening hilarious 80s porno films of mysterious origin. The one we saw was in Italian, dubbed in Portugese. There's also the Kopenhagen Room, which is explained in other reviews, and the Green Door Room, where the girl-on-girls shows are. We saw one of these, and to be honest, it was boring. If the girls aren't enjoying themselves -- and they didn't seem to be -- why even bother? I bought my boyfriend a lapdance -- $30 gets you topless and no touching, $40 is topless with touching, and everything else you need a room for -- which pretty much the standard fare, except that she pulled her dress up and showed him the goods, even though we had only paid the topless price. This place seemed more or less like a brothel, and made no bones about it. Our dancer told me she paid about $300 a day in disguised house fees ("rentals" for the use of the rooms) and cleared two or three times that.
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Default RE: Mitchell Brother's O'Farrel Theater Review
Date at Club: 01/20/2004 Dancer's Looks: 9-10 Song Length: 5+ min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 9 stars by polecat Dancer's Personallity: 9-10 Club Quality: Top Notch
Mileage: Serious Mileage
Additional Information
This club really deserves two reviews as it's two different clubs between day shift and night shift. By day, it's a higher pressure sex club, by night it's a hybrid, upperscale stripclub w/ extras available. The body of this review will refer to the night version of the club, which also carries a substantially higher cover fee and tip fees for patrons. Moreover, night shift has all four stages/theme rooms in operation. Day only has the main stage active. Mitchell Brother's is an enormous, clean stripclub and consists of four shows, plus a cinema room which is a medium sized movie-theatre room. The show areas consist of: [b]New York Live[/b]: This is the main stage and has continuous shows full time. It features two poles, and once per rotation there is a double show of two dancers. Otherwise, it's solo dancers doing your typical three song rotation (clothed, topless, then full nude). The NY Live stage is surrounded by floor mounted, theatre-style swing chairs. During peak business or convention times, performance acts are not uncommon and fun. From mock-boxing performances to theme shows and other forms of cute and entertaining stage shows. [b]Green Door Stage[/b]: This is a circular stage that offer two, but most often four dancer shows. It has seats around the circular stage and only activates about once an hour. The Green Door Stage is surrounded by 4-seat, padded tables. After a 4-dancer show, dancers are available to perform table dances for $20 per customer at a table. [b]Kopenhagen Room[/b]: This is another medium sized room that is surrounded by couches and patrons are handed flashlights. Two dancers perform their show in the middle and the duration of the show is done in total darkness with flashlight illumination. Dancers in this show are also tipped for private attention during and after the show on the surrounding couches. This room also only activates about once an hour. It lasts 5 minutes and will continue for as long as tipping ensues. [b]Ultra Room[/b]: Large room surrounded by customer booths and another two-dancer show. For tips, dancers will enter customer booths for special attention. This show also activates only once an hour. It lasts 5 minutes and will continue for as long as tipping ensues. Customer options are wide and varied, which makes this club very interesting. Dance types offerred: [b]Couch Lounge[/b]: Public, open area. No meters or timers, clothed or topless, high contact [b]Standing Kabanas[/b]: Semi-private. No meters or timers. Standing "dressing room" style rooms with small curtain, clothed or topless, high contact [b]VIP Booths[/b]: Fully private, $20/7 minute metered. Fully curtained booths, loveseat/mini-sofa. Fully Nude, high-contact, extras available. [b]Green Door Rooms[/b]: Fully private, $40/16 minutes metered. Bed, sink. Fully Nude, high contact, extras expected. Dancer tip is not included in above prices, which usually averages $20 to $120 for public clothed to private nude lapdances, but sky's the limit for women that offer more than just lapdances. The women (again, specifically night shift) are for the most part very beautiful (9-10), low to medium pressure and classy. There might be up to 25-30 dancers on a weekend night, with good variety. Not all dancers have extras available, but most do. With so many options, shows and things to do, Mitchell Brothers has become one of the premiere stripclubs in San Francisco. It has appeal for gentleman's club visitors as well as those interested in other things. It's also one of the cleanest clubs in San Francisco, and a very female-guest friendly environment.

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