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Exclamation Middle of Nowhere but Easy Review
Date at Club: 02/29/2016 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: No Comment
Overall Rating: Rated: 4 stars by sexyjasmine112 Mileage Expected: No Comment Booking Delay: No Comment
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: No Comment
Fees: No Comment Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: Average
Hiring Tips: Say you Know Frank-lol just do it.
Additional Information
Where to Start? I worked here 4 years ago and came back recently only to last 3 months. The owner Frank Sr. and son Frank Jr. are great guys, but they have some idiots working for them. When they're not around, you have to deal with the other managers, forgot namez, but they have major attitude/anger issues with dancers. Other than that, this is a super clean club. The floors, carpet, locker rooms are all updated and posh. The bar is neat, tiny but quaint and it's like a mini liquor cabinet, anything you want is basically there. 4 years ago the women working here where CATTY as hell and there was no $$ to be made, but things have changed. Now its young amateur dancers that work here and they're not bitter, so you catch my drift. The Djs- there's two of them and they're both creepy perverts, what else is new? Don't give them your number if they ask, make xcuses if you have to. The money here is average. $250 I made every single shift here, Thursday-SAT are the best nights. There is not much money potential here, customers are stiff on spending $. You will get mostly older white guys trying to blow their IRA while they can and some young Thugzzzz that will make it rain if you are friendly and they like you.This is a good place to hit up while traveling, because its easy and decent. House fee for travelers is only $40 and DJ is $15. Scheduled dancers 3x a week pay $20 Fee if you get there before 8:30. Good luck. Update: forgot one thing, if they catch you doing drugs or they just dont like you, they threaten you with the police. If your going to work here, I suggest you keep your distance and not stay here for too long.
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Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: 3 Management: Average
Overall Rating: Rated: 6 stars by bostondancer Mileage Expected: Medium Contact Booking Delay: None
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: Locals
Fees: Low Dances per Customer: 0-1 Selling dances: Average
Hiring Tips: go to the amaetur night
Additional Information
Not really my kind of club . They have 18+ alot and I didn't really make money . I wouldn't go back but some girls do like it stay for awhile .
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