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Default RE: Barbarella Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: 04/15/2005 Dancer's Looks: 5-6 Song Length: 5+ min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 5 stars by pheobo Dancer's Personallity: 7-8 Club Quality: Great
Mileage: Serious Mileage
Additional Information
I've been traveling to Brazil for a couple of years now and have visited many clubs. Barbarella is the closest to a US strip club that you will find. There is no on stage tipping. The nude dancers are dancing.. not teasing the customers. It is a whore house. Custy is not required to anything more then the 2 drink minimum. The dance floor is open to customers (to dance with the dancers). There are no "VIP" rooms at this club. Custy must pay to take girl out of club and the extras are negotiated directly with the girl. If you plan on taking a girl out none of the Tourist hotels will allow these girls in to the hotel... yes, they will know where she came from. There are plenty of motels that are available by the hour. The conversation can good and most of the girls seem nice. If the "Dancers" get the feel you are a tourist the hustle is immediate and hard... If you are fluent in Portuguese then conversations can get very interesting. I've always tiped any girl that sits with me for more then ten minutes and didn't hustle me for a drink (I ussually offer one if she looks tired and seems like an interesting chat) The dancers will hustle tourist custy's for tips and drinks regardless... Typical full service is US$75 but Tourist can/will pay out the ass!!! sometimes upwards to US$500 - US$1000 An all night session normally wouldn't require more then US$100 and maybe the US$10 cab ride home. I'm in Sales... I do whatever it takes to make my customer happy. This club is one of the few I feel comortable at in Rio. The hustle from the girls is managable. Mostly small breasts (actually, I don't think I've ever seen large breast at the "low end" clubs) It's not a low end club, just not the US$100 cover fee you might see at the "exclusive" clubs. Every shape, size and color. Plenty to pick from if you still want to go... Definately worth the experience, just stay sober and be safe. Take a guide with you if you don't speak the language...
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