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Default RE: The Dolls House Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Great
Overall Rating: Not rated by krys Mileage Expected: Medium Contact Booking Delay: A Day or Two
Dancer Quality: 5-6 Customers: No Comment
Fees: Average Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: No Comment
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
Although I do not work here currently I have in the past and I have friends who still do (well girls I know at least). The club opens later as the week goes on opening at 9pm and you are expected to stay until close. Stage dances work in a rotation so you are up at least once an hour (normally there are between 4-10 girls on). You can go nude on stage if you want, topless is expected. You can also get off the stage and walk around the crowd for your second song (you are on for 3) to collect tips and hustle etc. NZers don't like the hard sell, you pretty much have to wait until they go up to the bar, pay for a dance and then come find you, so it can be pretty slow. In a private you can make up your own rules, pay per song or you can charge extra for touching (above the waist) etc. As for money, you get $50 shift pay a night, but they take $10 out of the intial lapdance fee (which is $20) and half of the stage tips (which are $2 each). You also have to wait to get paid till the end of the week where you get all your weeks earnings. Cash tips are yours to keep. Management is friendly as are the girls, you will feel welcome and relaxed yet don't know how great the $$$ is. I wouldn't come here to work specifically but if you are in the area it can be worth trying out.
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Default RE: The Doll Review
Date at Club: 03/01/2003 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Horrible
Overall Rating: Not rated by victoria2002 Mileage Expected: No Comment Booking Delay: No Comment
Dancer Quality: 5-6 Customers: Mixed
Fees: Average Dances per Customer: 0-1 Selling dances: You have to hustle
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
I worked here for 4 months. The main problem with working at the dolls house is the management.There are often problems with your pay as you cash in your tipping dollars once a week,so you have a lot to loose if the management decide to rip you off.When I worked there the fines were pretty random and extremeley high-NZ$200 for swearing at another dancer in front of a customer,$200 for getting drunk etc.Lots of girls were made to pay a $500 bond when they started wich they never got back. The management were completeley unhelpfull to dancers who had complaints or issues they wanted"Managed",sutch as complaining about collegues continuously breaking the rules,or pleading that fines were un-just.Another problem was the huge variation in services offered by the girls some of whom were working there as prostotutes while others were trying to see private davces with only light contact. There is potential to make good money as dances are just NZ$20 but the customer only gets one private song fully clothed,you can then offer him to pay you direct for up to 6 more songs or for spreaders/grinding/touching...However there were days when only a handfull of cudtomers would come through the door.In this club I once worked 5 hours for NZ$14!
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