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Smiley RE: Blue Babes Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: 05/31/2005 Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 1-3 min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 7 stars by slave2dagame Dancer's Personallity: 5-6 Club Quality: Average
Mileage: Serious Mileage
Additional Information
Took a trip to Barbados and decided to check out the international strip clubs. A friend told me Brigette's and Club Zanzibar were whorehouses, and he suggested Blue Babes instead. We got there and they told me I had to "loosen the cap," which, if you know my prior reviews, did not fly to well with me. The price was $20 Bajan and the conversionis $2 BBS to $1 US. Went in and the place was relatively packed with men. One dance stage that was pretty large and it had two poles. The "dancers" all looked pretty good, and they were THICK, meaning a whole lot of ass... The drinks were very reasonable....beers translated to about $2 US and mixed drinks topped out at $5 US. When I sat down, I was pleasantly surprised to see that touching the dancers was allowed - I was speechless when I saw that patting the pussy, fingering, and licking were not discouraged :O. You could change your money at the bar to get $2 blue babes cash to use to tip the dancers, or you could just throw it onstage. Lap dances were held anywhere - guys were dancing with ladies at the bar, in the crowd, in the name it. The ladies would also dance with you just for the hell of it. One thing I noticed was that the men rarely tipped the dancers onstage - guys had their hands on the dancer's ass the whole set and didn't once go in their pockets... Anyway...the dances were crazy - dancers would fondle themselves, as well as the patron if it was requested. Dancers would also let you fondle them....some shit I haven't seen in my limited exposure to strip clubs - I'd say the mileage was "sky-high." Don't say you heard it from me, but it's rumored that "extra activities" could be negotiated....... The ladies looked good (there wasn't much "dancing" per se onstage), the drinks were cheap, and the contact was extreme - what more could a guy want? Definitely an experience to remember!!!

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