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Thumbs up RE: La Vie en Proost Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Average
Overall Rating: Rated: 10 stars by Zipporah Mileage Expected: Medium Contact Booking Delay: Quite Long
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: Locals
Fees: Low Dances per Customer: 5+ Selling dances: Easy
Hiring Tips: Good looking + good dancer + good hostess
Additional Information
This is by far the best lapdance pub/club what Holland has to offer, to work in and to visit......If you grew up in Amsterdam the WHOLE city will know what you do, so for me it was just 1 week experiance, but it was great if La Vie was in a other city like Den Haag or Rotterdam I would still work there!!!! It is true that you have to sell champange in order to get more days to work, thats a pitty....but if your a good hostess it's worth it, the dances go a little bit further then in the U.K there is no 3 feet rule lol......the men are allowd to touch your tits&ass and its grinding, but i saw girls do great and atlhetic tricks while lapdancing, yeah some girls are nice some are awfull and arrogant but what the f*ck this is the the end of the day you come to make your money and at La Vie you will make money!!! Some periods its slow some periods its very bizzy, but this is truelly the only pub/club in The Netherlands what can mausure up to small strippubs in the Uk and Us. You always leave at least with a decent amount of money.....Some of my best friends worked there for a few years so this review is not only from my 1 week experiance but also from my best friends few years experiance!!!! Allthough I don't know how it is now at this moment.....because me and my friends travling around the Uk and Us dancing......but Amsterdam is a very bizzy town and La Vie has a very good location so i guess its still good money and very bizzy!!!!

Keep on dancing.....
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Thumbs up RE: La Vie en Proost Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: 04/30/2005 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Could Improve
Overall Rating: Rated: 7 stars by Lunetta Mileage Expected: Medium Contact Booking Delay: A Week
Dancer Quality: 9-10 Customers: Mixed
Fees: Non-Existent Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: Impossible to NOT sell
Hiring Tips: go there, talk with the manager, after one week you can be on the list
Additional Information
[font=Century Gothic][color=magenta]When I started to work here it was cool!!! So much money!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's changed a bit :-\ [/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff]Every evening there are between [b]7 and 15 gi[/b]rls. You always dance on stage with an other girl, every round lasts 20 min( first 5 min just show, other 15 you can ask for dances). [b]1 dance= € 10[/b], [b]it's very short but the people can touch you[/b]. If they don't want to pay, they hurt you, etc... it's your problem, management doen't care! The [b]money earned from dances are yours[/b]. In one round normally you manage to make uo to 6 dances if you are lucky. If there are not a lot of girls you dance many rounds so you have more chance to make more dances.[/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff][b]Fee about € 20,- for tax everyday[/b] (at the end of the month you must report your income to the bookkeeper which it means maybe you pay extra tax, bookkeeper is on your own costs).[/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff]You must [b]drink champagne, you don't get any commission[/b] from it, but [b]as much as you drink as more days you will work the following week[/b] (everybody work 1-4 days per week).[/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff]Not all the girls are really friendly at the begin, but there is a group of very friendly and nice girls too.[/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff][b]The managment is very strikt, if you break any rule they punish you and for some weeks you can not work[/b]. If you ask for holidays is always no problem, to change your days when you're on the list they make it difficult. They don't care very much about happyness and money of the girls, in the last period they where putting a lot of girls on the list and nobody was really happy with the earnings.[/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff00ff][b]Anyway it's still an ok place to work, maybe the best of Amsterdam.[/b][/color][/font]
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