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Date at Club: 05/31/2013 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: The Best
Overall Rating: Rated: 10 stars by msbathsheba Mileage Expected: Light Contact Booking Delay: A Day or Two
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: Mixed
Fees: Average Dances per Customer: 2-3 Selling dances: Easy
Hiring Tips: walk in looking decent
Additional Information
My fav. club in Australia. Management/security/barstaff/house girls are awesome. (Only bitchyness I experienced was from out of town dancers). There are no fees/tip outs. It is a percentage club 40/60. It starts at 3 songs for $70, 300 for full hour. Slow on weekdays, but not unlikely that a few guys will spend some money on you if work the room and aren't lazy. Weekends were always good. Very mixed clientele. A lot of regulars, businessmen from out of town, contract/construction workers, military, tourists. I worked during the dry season June-August, so a lot of people come up for the weekend for different events, racing, festivals, ect. Found selling dances fairly easy, lots of extensions as well. It is a club with a classy atmosphere, but they weren't too picky about outfits/makeup/hair. Supposed to be evening wear until midnight, but I saw plenty of girls wearing slutty dancer "dresses", so they are not too strict on this. No G-strings on the floor. Stages are 3 songs, topless, not full-nude by the last song. You can get off the stage during the first 2 songs with your gear still on and give lap dances for tips. Customers will happily tip you here for this, good money around the stage and will get you dances later. One spinning and one static pole. This is a "no-touching" club, but the back area is pretty private with staff only walking around to take drink orders and tell dancers when their time is up. There are partitions in between a lot of the chairs/lounges, so you can have some semblance of privacy. No-touching basically means that you can touch the customer but they can't touch you, so you can get away with giving mostly an air-dance if that is what you are comfortable with, although customers of course enjoy having you on their lap and will appreciate you touching them to the extent that you are comfortable. Since it is pretty private you can get away with a lot and I did see many girls giving "extras" like grinding or motorboating, but you don't have to. Plenty of girls make good money without very much contact at all. Open Tues-Sat. 7pm-3am (or whenever your lap dance ends). You will be scheduled at 9pm most nights, so only a short 6 hour shift, but can make plenty in those 6 hours (2.5k a week). Overall, would happily work the whole dry season in Darwin again. Hope this helps. Feel free to pm me any questions. Ta.
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