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Post I am so sad!!!! Review
Date at Club: 08/31/2015 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Great
Overall Rating: Not rated by JadeTripleX Mileage Expected: No Comment Booking Delay: A Week
Dancer Quality: No Comment Customers: No Comment
Fees: Average Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: No Comment
Hiring Tips: Just do your best, be prepared for a long scheduling process
Additional Information
Unfortunately, after I auditioned I had to move from Oregon under an emergency... So, I stayed away from Casa for a long time because I heard such terrible rumours about the club and owner. However, the slow season desperation took over and I heard the girls here make a lot. THE RUMOUR ABOUT GIVING JONNY A LAPDANCE IS NOT TRUE. I auditioned on stage for a 3 song set (the pole spins, just a heads up), you do like a 2 minute strip tease video, you do a video interview answering questions like "what do you know about veganism, how did you find out about this club, why do you wanna dance here" etc. The staff was super professional. The club was immaculate...spotless. not a speck of dust anywhere. The wood on the stage glistens. The club takes 30% of all dances, with average pricing (singles are 25, you get 20 half hours are closer to 250 hours are 300 yadda yadda). Now the problems may lie in the scheduling and the hidden fees. There are fees for everything here...being late, missing a shift, leaving early....and you'd have to work at least one shift a week in their newer location From Dusk til Dawn.
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Date at Club: 03/10/2014 Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: The Best
Overall Rating: Rated: 9 stars by zorasky Mileage Expected: Medium Contact Booking Delay: None
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: Travelers
Fees: Low Dances per Customer: 4-5 Selling dances: Easy
Hiring Tips: Don't let the infamous "you have to do a lapdance for Johnny, the skeezy slimeball he is" rumor bother you. The audition lapdance, lasting all of 20 seconds long, is done to the hiring manger, a lovely lady with purple hair. Casa Diablo prides themselves on giving the best lapdances in Portland, and the audition dance is done to prove you are up to par with your skills.
Additional Information
Either things changed drastically at Casa Diablo before I started working there, or the dancers that are starting rumors and giving bad reviews simply can't hang. The club itself is beautiful, kept very clean, and the stage is a pole dancer's dream. Coined as Portland's own "worldfamous vegan strip club", it attracts customers from far and wide, and it's location near the piers brings in lots of sailors. Management runs the club very well, their security is up to par, and the rules for both dancers and customers are strictly enforced and followed by employees and visitors alike. Auditions for Casa Diablo are done at their sister club, Johnny Diablo's Black Cauldron, on the opposite side of town. The audition consists of having your photos taken (clothes on and clothes off), a 2 song stage set where you are required to interact with any customers that come to your rack, and a 20 second lapdance to the hiring manager (who, might I add, is a woman). Casa Diablo is fairly selective. If you are skilled enough on the pole and giving dances, you will be allowed to schedule yourself at Casa Diablo, and can work the same night with permission from Johnny. If you need a bit more improvement, you will be required to work at Cauldron until you're ready. Casa Diablo is a large club with full amenities. The building itself is a bit daunting, with its large smoking patio built on stilts. The ceilings are tall and vaulted, and the poles go all the way to the top of the rafters. The mainstage is wooden and polished. There is a second stage to the back near the bar, where there is not a pole, but a platform surrounded by a sitting bar, where customers can tip, and dancers can dance as they so choose. The only real downside to this club is that the dressing room is super small. I have heard that there are plans to renovate and build a bigger dressing room within the year. There are two private (VIP) areas; one used for single songs ($40 each), 3 for $100s, and half hours ($250). The second, located beyond the windows in a room near the smoking patio, used for hours ($500) and champagne rooms ($1,000). This is where some dancers are daunted, leading them to label Casa Diablo as "gross" and "unlawful". Casa Diablo is the only club in Portland with two-way contact dances. Lots of dancers in Portland are foreign to this concept, and are not accepting of it as a result. Some people are not comfortable being touched during lapdances, and Casa Diablo prides itself on allowing this. Customers are not allowed to pinch or stimulate the nipples in any way, nor are they allowed anywhere near the crotch or crack. There are cameras facing every which way, and the bouncers manning the VIP area watch the screens on a monitor above the cash register at all times. Customers are given one warning to stop any inappropriate behavior, after which the dance is ended and the dancer keeps the money. Dancers are given hand signals to hold up to the camera if they are in need of assistance. The girls at Casa Diablo are a very drama-free, here-to-work kind of group. They are respectful, and expect you to be such to them. New girls who do not respect the positive vibes of the club, and the current group of dancers, don't last very long. Management are problem-solvers. They take your suggestions seriously, and work hard to resolve any conflict in a timely manner. My experience with Johnny Diablo himself has been nothing but pleasant. He is professional, and conducts himself as such. You make your own schedule, and he will give you the days you ask for. I would definitely recommend Casa Diablo to any dancer looking for a new place to call home, somewhere they can be original and accepted without glitz and glam if they so choose. Many of the dancers at Casa Diablo are naturally beautiful and accept themselves as such. Be forewarned that Casa Diablo is a very different type of club, but not in a bad way if you are an open-minded person.
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Post RE: Casa Diablo Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Horrible
Overall Rating: Rated: 1 stars by Elvia Mileage Expected: Serious Mileage Booking Delay: No Comment
Dancer Quality: No Comment Customers: Mixed
Fees: No Comment Dances per Customer: 2-3 Selling dances: You have to hustle
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
Oh my God, this place is disgusting. The owner has done a terrible job at managing this club, and immediately drove away the good clientele and fostered the worst clientele by giving away too many freebies, encouraging dirty dancing, and keeping very lax security. If you love being sexually assaulted on stage for a dollar or less, this is the club for you. If you like basically working as a prostitute for insanely low earnings, this is the place for you. Everyone else, avoid this place like the plague.

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