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Date at Club: 04/06/2014 Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 3-5 min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 8 stars by IHearVoices Dancer's Personallity: 9-10 Club Quality: Great
Mileage: No Comment
Additional Information
Was in town for WrestleMania and wanted to check it out since it's supposedly the crown jewel of NO clubs. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't bowled over. It's a nice place, don't get me wrong: it just didn't meet (what may have been exceptionally lofty) expectations. It's a lot smaller than I least the main area is. Dress code is basically a sleeved shirt (it can be a T-shirt: I had one on) and long pants. Cover was $12. Seating is excellent. Dancers are really pretty, especially if you go for what seems to be the "ideal" look. Most dancers were white, there were maybe 3-4 black dancers and maybe 1 Latina. There's also a masseuse, if you're into getting a massage. Table dances are $20, lap dances in the rooms upstairs are $40. I think the massage is $15. Not sure what the prices are for the champagne rooms, but I believe they're $350 a half hour and $550 an hour. If you're in NO, it's worth the trip. Bring the cash, though.
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Date at Club: 07/31/2010 Dancer's Looks: 9-10 Song Length: 3-5 min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 9 stars by Cheo_D Dancer's Personallity: 7-8 Club Quality: Top Notch
Mileage: Medium Contact
Additional Information
Visited the club on two different evenings (Thursday and Friday) relatively early. Of the Quarter clubs this is probably at the top end of upscale appearance and style. Dunno if there's a dress code per se but the crowd looked well put together anyway. Extremely well lit, and the dancers are some of the best-looking in the neighborhood. The staff in general, from the doorman to the VIP bouncer to the waitresses, dealt well, although I must observe that the waitresses (who were quite hot themselves) were sometimes slooow with the service -- but on the plus side, I never got a heavy hustle for Dancer Drinks. It has a regular bar that opens onto the street, then the club, properly, that requires $11 cover in the evenings, and you are given a handstamp for re-entry that same night. The Thursday evening was slow and the Friday did not really pick up until after 11, but the level of hustle was tolerably moderate, you did not feel either hassled or ignored. Some of the ladies were not getting much tip action onstage early on but they were quite appreciative when/if you went ahead. The layout of the stages is: large main stage at the far end, where the dancer goes to first and does her first stripping-down set and then there's a midfloor stage closer to the front bar where she moves on for another set in which she's topless from the start; there is also a small "bar stage" at the other bar to one side. The lapdance set up on that night was, mostly air at the table, or else upstairs where the choices are open couch booths for singles or 15-minuters; individual private "boxes" overlooking the floor (doorless, but you have to deliberately poke your head in to see) for half-or-full hours; and expensive Execu-Suites for the High Rollahs. Compared to what some other clubs in the Quarter (Rick's, BL) charge for private areas, the boxes are a good deal, specially because you just need to open a tab, not order a bottle service in the hundreds. Warning, you do get a +25% surcharge for using plastic right off the bat, but by now you should know the best deal is to work with cash. I got along both evenings with a very cute dancer visiting from Florida who was also enjoyable to talk with and willing to sit around and hang out a while before going for the money move, had a very fun and very lawful time in the private area. Unlike some other Bourbon street clubs on neither night was I given by any of the dancers any BS suggesting that any "unauthorized activity" was in the cards, which I like as a gesture of respect for the customer's intelligence. In this environment I felt safe and at ease. The location on Iberville means that it may be the major club closest to many of the larger national-brand hotels on Canal St., which may be of interest to the business/casual traveler
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